Kaviani: Te Deum


I am going to start here with some disclaimers:   I tend to like liturgical classical music.  I asked to review this recording.  I really expected to like this piece.  I dislike giving bad reviews.

My readers  will note that, while I may turn a critical eye/ear, I generally don’t give bad reviews.  That being said I can tell you that I had hope for this recording and gave it a fair and close listen.  I am sad to say I was disappointed.

The positives:  great recording, great label, elaborate and competent writing, dedicated and competent performance.

The negatives:  Perhaps it is the composer’s intent to create this retro Beethoven/Berlioz piece for the purpose of making this big recording (an audio DVD is included in Dolby 5.1) but ultimately I find it to be overstated and derivative.  It just tries too hard.

Some listeners may enjoy this big production with its excellently recorded sound but that reminds me of a friend who used to collect “audiophile” recordings and was concerned at times more with sound than content.  If that’s your bag then you will like this disc.

The second piece on the disc is a shorter a capella piece Tout les Matins Du Monde fares somewhat better.  The composer’s skill is evident and better used in this smaller format.  Unfortunately we only get to hear one small scale composition here.


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